We are an organization that specializes in community-based advertising, public relations, networking and marketing initiatives. We committed to producing unique, high-quality publications, that report on the news, people and lifestyles of York region's neighborhoods. Our magazines are dynamic, stitched and trimmed publications that blend the editorial traditions of a community newspaper.
We use a business model that emphasizes customer service and relationship building, technology, marketing savvy and attention to detail to deliver our products across print, web and other visually dynamic media.
Our magazines are monthly print publications specializing in a "non-political" friendly and entertaining  view of living in our York region's communities.
We cover home, business, sporting events, business openings, sales and events, festivals & concerts, carnivals and general daily life in York region of Ontario.
Our dynamic media company delivering vital business and community information to our readers across York region each month.
Today our company serves the fastest-growing and most affluent areas of Canada.

Today, York Region is a key suburb in the Greater Toronto Area (the "GTA") with one of Canada's largest concentrations of head offices, as well as major manufacturing, warehousing and logistics. It is stretches from Toronto up to resort country along Lake Simcoe, while still close to to Toronto's Pearson International Airport, Canada's busiest. It is the area with the strongest prospects for future growth in the GTA.